Creating the ultimate partner club

BT Group

BT/EE Partner Engagement

Client Objective

Relaunch the indirect channel

Our Approach

Drive engagement through The Club, to transform channel awareness


Elevated partner engagement

Client Objective

Our challenge

BTEE have several portals that partners access for information from sales data to marketing assets. However engagement levels with the marketing portal were low, with many partner having little awareness of the assets available to them on the portal. Blueprint needed to find a way to re-engage partners with the portal and encourage usage.

Our Approach

How we drove engagement

After auditing the current portal and marketing needs, we simplified its structure for easier navigation and asset retrieval. We introduced a unique theme, 'The Club,' to distinguish it from the sales portal. To keep users engaged, we rolled out a Club News communications plan featuring regular updates and tailored content. We're also developing an incentive program aligned with the club theme. This theme extended to events, enhancing the Champions Day experience with curated details like furniture, baristas, and quality merchandise, all aimed at creating a members club atmosphere.


How we transformed behaviour

Partners have been actively enquiring about marketing support, completed feedback questionnaire have shown that Partners believe the portal to be easier to use and are favourable towards the theming. It's early days but engagement levels are increasing.

We created

A new brand proposition

We launched

Through a partner event at the BT offices

And delivered

Increased engagement levels