Our 2030 Blueprint: Empowering Positive Change

At Blueprint, the word "Partners" isn't just a part of our name; it's a fundamental principle that guides everything we do. We see ourselves as collaborators, working hand-in-hand with our clients, our dedicated team, and the communities we serve.

To provide a clear vision of our goals and aspirations, we proudly present our 2030 Blueprint. This roadmap outlines our ambitions for the coming years and sheds light on what we aim to achieve.

2030 Blueprint

Empowering Positive Change

Our overarching purpose is to empower positive change, and this mission permeates every aspect of our 2030 Blueprint. We are committed to fostering positive change in our world, nurturing growth in our people, facilitating transformation for our clients, and driving our activities through business growth.


Positive Change in Our World

We are dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the markets where we operate. Our commitment extends to donating both our time and financial resources to causes where we can make a real difference. We aim to improve social mobility within the marketing industry while also making responsible choices that leave the world in a better state than we found it.

Our commitment to this cause is evident in our ongoing initiatives. Our dedicated "bGood" committee tirelessly seeks out opportunities where we can offer support. Through fundraising and pro bono activities with organizations like the NSPCC and The King's Trust, we actively contribute to positive change. Our team members each dedicate one volunteer day per quarter, resulting in over 140 days a year dedicated to helping others. Activities range from Meals On Wheels initiatives in Dallas to providing Christmas gifts for underprivileged children in Fulham.

On major projects, we have committed to meeting ten key ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives, and we are committed to providing transparent reporting on our progress. Additionally, we are introducing an apprentice scheme to provide opportunities for those who have not completed a university degree to earn qualifications through our work.


Positive Change in Our People

Blueprint is dedicated to being one of the top agencies to work for. We achieve this by continually investing in our team, providing training and support, and sharing profits through our group bonus scheme.

Our efforts have been recognized with distinctions such as being named one of the top 100 employers in the county and one of the top 25 agencies to work for in the UK. We actively promote diversity, with over 50% female representation in our business. Our comprehensive benefits package includes private healthcare and policies for maternity and menopause, surpassing industry standards. Mental health is treated with the same care as physical health, with dedicated mental health support programs and a mental health first aider (bWell).

Our commitment to personal and professional growth is unwavering, with monthly training and development opportunities designed to equip our team members with skills that benefit them not only in their careers but also in life. Whenever possible, we promote from within the organization.


Positive Change for Our Clients

We empower positive change for our clients through innovative thinking and world-class delivery. Our goal is to retain 90% of our client base year on year and establish ourselves as a renowned market-leading agency, drawing clients to us through our reputation.

Our business thrives on repeat and referral clients, and we've earned the reputation as the "best-kept secret" in the agency world. Our unique selling point lies in our ability to blend ingenuity with practicality to solve your business challenges. We won't propose something that can't be done, but we're unafraid to pitch bold ideas, and we have the team to bring those ideas to life.


Fueling Positive Change through Growth

To power this positive change, we intend to drive growth in our business. We will attract new clients through the quality of our work, leveraging our creativity, heritage, and the referrals of satisfied clients. Our vision includes achieving a balanced revenue and team distribution between the UK and the USA.

In summary, our 2030 Blueprint is our compass for the years ahead, embodying our commitment to empowering positive change in the world, our people, our clients, and our business. At Blueprint, we remain steadfast in our mission to be Good, Responsible, Collaborative, Innovative, and Fun. Together, we'll make a difference, one positive change at a time.

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