Blueprint wins Best Agency Award for Samsung Summit Program

Blueprint Partner stood out at ImpartnerCon 2024, clinching the prestigious Marketing Agency Partner Award during the event’s vibrant run from February 5th to 7th in the lively city of Miami, Florida. Drawing a diverse crowd of global partner marketing professionals, the dynamic hub of ImpartnerCon 2024 not only spotlighted the latest industry trends and strategies but also provided an essential space for networking and acknowledging achievements within the ever-changing partner marketing landscape.

This standout moment recognized Blueprint Partners for their outstanding achievements in the partner marketing space. Securing the reputable Marketing Agency Partner Award, their success was attributed to the groundbreaking initiatives undertaken through the Samsung Summit program, showcasing a steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of partner engagement and training.

WEB_Imapartner Award

The success of the award-winning Samsung Summit program lies in its innovative approach to motivating users to engage with the Ascend Partner Portal. Codes are strategically awarded for completing various engagement tasks, creating a dynamic and interactive portal environment.

This merge of creativity and focus on training and engagement has led to a notable 64% increase in module completions and impressive user engagement statistics. Portal visits have also spiked, marking 5,787 unique visits with an average of 36-page hits per day in 2023. These milestones underscore the success of Blueprint Partners’ program and the enthusiastic response from Ascend Partner Portal users.

ImpartnerCon 2024 featured an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, including industry icons Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at Canalys, and Tiffani Bova, former Growth Evangelist at Salesforce and Research Fellow at Gartner. These thought leaders, along with other keynote speakers and panelists, shared valuable insights from their extensive industry experience throughout the three-day event.

The comprehensive agenda of ImpartnerCon 2024 encompassed an array of sessions, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. These not only explored current trends in partner marketing but also delved into forward-thinking strategies to navigate the evolving landscape successfully. Attendees gained valuable insights into emerging technologies, data-driven methodologies, and innovative approaches that have the potential to shape the trajectory of partner marketing in the years to come.

The Samsung Summit program has not only redefined partner engagement but also set a new standard in the industry. 

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