Power Up with Samsung


Marketing Asset Support

Client Objective

Support local retail activities in 50 US states

Our Approach

Create a bespoke asset creation process ensuring flexibility while maintaining brand consistency.


Providing support for all verticals across the Samsung MX division in North America.

Client Objective

Our challenge

The Samsung Mobile Experience division deals with fast moving product and marketing updates throughout the year. With a huge volume of requests for activity specific marketing collateral, personalized to channel and geography; there is a huge challenge to ensuring brand appropriate materials are created in a timely way.

Our Approach

How we drove engagement

With two key stakeholders to please Blueprint created a seamless workflow which took requests in from regional marketing teams, drafted brand appropriate collateral and then consults on a weekly basis with the Samsung Brand team. Real time ticketing, dashboards and reporting provide confidence from all partners that requests are in line with Samsung marketing strategies and reassures regional teams their requests will be delivered on time.


How we transformed behaviour

The new process has built capacity and creativity for the requests required. Pre-embargo access to brand imagery has improved time-scales and deep engagement with the Samsung brand team has reassured key company stakeholders that all activity is a value-add to the business.


111% Increase in Marketing Asset Production


Daily requests expanded into all markets


Program increased to include events in 2023