A Guide to London's Chinese New Year Festivities

Celebrating Good Fortune in the Year of the Dragon

As the vibrant spirit of the Year of the Dragon descends upon us, London becomes a mosaic of cultural celebration, offering an array of experiences to mark the auspicious Chinese New Year. This year, more than ever, the city is set to dazzle residents and visitors alike with its array of festivities, reflecting both traditional heritage and contemporary vibrancy. We asked our Digital Marketing Manager, Jing Zhu, to round up her guide to the capital’s festivities.Chiina trafalgar square

The Heart of the Celebration: Join the throngs at Trafalgar Square early to secure a good spot for these free, family-friendly celebrations. For over two decades, the London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA), with support from the Mayor of London and various other community groups, has been at the forefront of organising the grand Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration. On Sunday February 11th, Trafalgar Square will transform into a hub of festivities, kicking off at 10.15am, with a rich tapestry of performances across the day, including traditional lion dances and martial arts displays.Chinese new year parade (1)

The Grand Parade: Showcasing an impressive line-up of over 50 groups with the largest gathering of Chinese lions and dragons in Europe, the parade is a highlight of the festivities and starts at the corner of Trafalgar Square, near Charing Cross station, concluding in the vibrant streets of Chinatown around noon. For a less crowded experience, walk up the route towards Shaftesbury Avenue, where the The Family Zone provides an ideal spot for those with children. dim-7-zhQNwfryHIc-unsplash (1)

Chinatown Celebrations: No celebration is complete without savouring the flavours of the festival. Wander into the heart of Chinatown to soak up the ambience and indulge in an array of Chinese delicacies. From succulent dumplings to crispy Peking duck, every dish is a celebration of taste and tradition. Don't miss the lion dance performances around Gerrard Street and surrounding areas.Chinatown

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Event London's iconic Theatre Royal Drury Lane is poised to host an unparalleled evening of cultural splendour. On Monday, February 12th, LCCA supported by the Mayor of London and other prestigious community groups, invites you to an unforgettable showcase of music, acrobatics, and artistry, encapsulating the spirit of the Lunar New Year. Keep an eye on the LCCA website or Blueprint Partners’ social channels for more information. This event is especially appealing to those who appreciate theatrical performances.Theatre royal

Dressing in red, a colour symbolising good luck and joy in Chinese culture, is encouraged throughout the celebrations. Additionally, embracing traditional greetings like "Xin Nian Kuai Le" (Happy New Year in Mandarin) can add to the experience.

This year's Chinese New Year celebrations in London, particularly the events orchestrated by the LCCA, are not just about revelry; they symbolise the city's rich cultural diversity and the strength of the Chinese community within the UK.

As we look forward to future collaborations and events, these festivities offer a preview of the cultural depth and vibrancy we strive to bring to our work.