Chinese New Year: Reflections on bridging cultures through storytelling

Chinese New Year: Reflections on bridging cultures through storytelling

In a world where cultural lines are beautifully blurred, Blueprint Partners has always strived to be more than just an event company; we are cultural translators and bridge-builders. Our work with Chinese enterprises like Geely – owner of the iconic British sports car brand Lotus – embodies our commitment to intercultural understanding and the fusion of ideas that transcend borders. As we embrace the Chinese New Year, we reflect on our past works that not only honour the rich heritage of our clients but also pave the way for future narratives.

We asked some of our team about their memories of their standout Chinese projects:

Business Director Shalini Laxman, recalls the Lotus Eletre Launch: "Introducing the Lotus Eletre, supported by the Chinese powerhouse Geely, was a fascinating blend of British sporting heritage with the forward-looking vision of Chinese innovation. The scale demanded to satisfy the Chinese audience, blended with the Britishness of broadcasting from the BBC TV Centre made it a fascinating project."

Eletre Thames Launch_1

Our Chief Creative, Mark Anand, remembers The Indie Summit Conference in Beijing: “Taking a project that had always been delivered in the UK, and for the first time, not only delivering it internationally, but taking it all the way to Beijing was a fantastic experience. Working alongside our Chinese suppliers and with a wider blend of audiences allowed us to bring together the best of East and West.”

Indie Summit China

For Creative Producer Daniel Woodhouse, his current focus is producing the forthcoming LCCA Lunar New Year Celebration: “Being able to take all of the show, colour and beautiful chaos of a Chinese troupe and then staging that at one of London’s most prestigious West End Theatre’s has been a challenge and a joy. We’ve got over 2,000 people coming to the show on Monday and I’m really excited for them to see what we’ve produced.”

Drury Lane

Wherever you celebrate Lunar New Year, if you need help bringing your Chinese brand to audiences in Europe and the USA, we’re here to help.