Lotus Eletre Launch The Thames, London

Blueprint launches the world's first Hyper SUV for Lotus

As the world's first Hyper SUV, the Lotus Eletre delivers exceptional performance: 0 – 60 in under 3 seconds, a top speed of 160mph and a range of over 370 miles. And it’s a Lotus. And it’s electric.

Described by the Managing Director of Lotus Cars as “a momentous point in our history”, the launch of the Eletre required Blueprint to create a global broadcast as hyper as the car itself.

And so “Eletre: Carved By Air” was born: a one-hour live broadcast from the iconic Television Centre in West London. Featuring a cast of 50 people and 20 Lotus models from throughout history, the show revealed 3 Eletres to the world for the very first time.

With a live audience of 300 journalists and influencers, we broadcast around the world on Lotuscars.com, YouTube and into China. The show had it all: drama, entertainment, celebrity guests... and lots of cars.


Below are just some of the highlights:


The opening of the show told the history of Lotus in a single camera shot.


To announce the name Eletre to the world, Blueprint created a unique concept to deliver a true PR moment: a shipping container containing the Eletre floating down the Thames from Tower Bridge to Hammersmith.

Here’s the finished film:


The show featured several dance sequences, including this one, designed to highlight how air flow is controlled through the car:


Of course, no car reveal is complete without the reveal. We didn’t just pull a cloth off the car though, we created another truly spectacular moment:


Here is how the Blueprint team pulled the whole production together.

The entire show is available to view on the Lotus Cars YouTube page. Get in touch to find out how Blueprint can help launch your electric product.