Partner Programme boosts sales by 43%


Vestel sell 1:3 TVs across Europe, yet for years its name flew under the radar, providing the technology behind some of Europe’s best loved brands.

The time had come to get the Vestel name out there.

Putting their brand name front and centre, we launched the Vestel Partner Programme which sits on our exclusive digital communications hub – the Vestel Information Portal, or VIP for short.

VIP is the focal point for all Partner Programme communications and support. By joining, Distributors and Resellers gain access to a whole host of benefits including weekly permissions-based push notifications, deal reg support, demo products, specialised pricing, dedicated account management, sales and marketing incentives, product training and more.

In less than a year, the Vestel team has proactively connected with more than 100 engaged Resellers and Distributors helping to launch 3 new product ranges and boost 43% year-on-year sales growth as a result.

Screenshot 2021-06-26 at 15.51.04

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