Staff Engagement

No one has a greater impact on your customers experience of your brand than your staff. 

To drive better customer experience you need engaged, informed and motivated sales teams to interact with potential customers.
Our team will help:
  • Understand the sales journey and the interactions your staff (or channel staff) have with customers
  • Use years of channel sales experience to create training platforms and content
  • Design and implement incentive and reward programmes, either for short-term or long-term incentives
  • Deliver, fulfil and evaluate the rewards

Winning in retail and call centres with Three

Three wanted to drive Samsung premium device sales through their retail stores and call centres, rewarding more individuals across all levels than ever before.

Blueprint created a multi-tiered incentive, offering a choice of Trip, Thrill or Tech prizes, all built on a dedicated microsite linked into the existing digital landscape.

Over 70% of Three retail and 100% of Three call centre staff opted-in to the incentive with a total of 498 prizes were awarded over the course of the six week incentive.


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Staff Engagement

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